About Us

Ronald K. Hocker, an expert craftsman and astute businessman founded Hocker Tool & Die, Inc. In February 1972. Mr. Hocker demanded the highest quality product for the Company’s customers and he received strong support from both the customers and his employees and/or associates. In addition, he demanded and pursued a positive and aggressive attitude throughout his organization. Later that same year, Ronald S. Hocker (Scott), the oldest son of Mr. Hocker, joined his father in the business and since has worked at and performed every function within the Company.

The tradition Mr. Hocker started has continued through the present. Hocker Tool & Die, Inc. is a “quality” organization in all respects.

In 1979, the Company, because of its growth, outgrew it facilities and a new complex was purchased and constructed at the current address: 5161 Webster St., Dayton, OH.

In 1984, William K. Hocker (Bill) joined the Company and is following in his father and brother’s path toward the continued success of the Company.

In 1985, Scott Hocker, because of an illness that befell his father, took on an even more active role in the conduct and direction of the business. He has since guided the Company to even greater heights than predicted while continuing the tradition of the company.

In 1987, the founder of the Company, Ronald K. Hocker, passed away after a long illness. The company did not falter, however, because his two sons, Scott & Bill, as President and Vice President respectively, moved right into the leadership of the Company. They held, and continue to hold, the established philosophy ingrained by their father for producing a quality product and operating within a quality organization.

The company continues to provide quality products to an impressive array of quality companies.